Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maui Fishing Charters

Reel Hooker catches a 225 lb. Ahi (yellowfin tuna)
Big Tuna Here

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Marlin Caught on 30lb. test

Finest Kind has done it again.
This time on only 30 pound test line.

250 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin
30 lb. test

February 8, 2010

First Marlin for 2010

Finest Kind has caught the first Blue Marlin of the year for Lahaina Harbor, Maui.

380 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin
January 18, 2010

Maui Fishing Charters

Fishing Maui Style

Our most universal style of fishing in Hawaii is trolling with lures at 8 to 10 mph. Using this technique you can cover a very large area. The lures are on the surface and splash, dive, and create quite a lot of commotion behind the boat. All of our game fish swim in excess of 30 mph. and will hit the same lures so there is no particular lure for just Marlin or Mahi Mahi. Strikes doing this type of fishing are very exciting as even a small fish can pull quite a bit of line off a reel in a hurry. A large Marlin strike can be unbelievable as they can pull 400 to 600 yards of line in a matter of seconds.

In contrast to lure fishing we also troll using live and rigged bait such as mackerel, small tuna, or squid. This type of fishing is done in a particular area such as a sea mount, fish aggregation device (FAD), or drop off, as you can only run up to three lines and have to move very slowly.

Marlin Fishing in Hawaii

One moment you're just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful beauty of the Pacific Ocean, lazily listening to the conversation of your companions and the lulling drone of the powerful engines. The next moment, utter pandemonium breaks loose - the high-pitched whine of the line uncoiling from a almost smoking reel, the scramble to strap into the fighting chair, the first glimpse of a silver and blue adversary far behind the boat.

It takes a special type of deep sea charter boat Captain to be consistently successful at marlin fishing in Hawaii. A captain with local knowledge, experience in numerous successful hook-ups and catches possesses these unique fishing skills.
Pacific Blue Marlin are a unique species that possess its own skill and cunning so when you book your Maui fishing charter, you want a Captain that has experience going up against this beast of the deep, a beast some call the ultimate gladiator fish of the sea. Sport fishing in Hawaii is the ultimate in fishing and landing a blue marlin is the ultimate test in fishing, you want a Maui Sport Fishing charter that is up to and able to meet the challenge.

Captain Charlie's Maui Fishing Charters

Experience outstanding Big Game Sport fishing on
Maui Sport Fishing Charters
. We offer full, three-quarter and half day fishing adventures to some of Hawaii's most popular deep sea fishing grounds with the best Maui fishing reports. Spend the day relaxing and deep sea fishing off of the beautiful Island of Maui as our experienced Maui fishing charters crews guide you on an exciting day of fishing for Marlin, Ahi, Mahi Mahi and Ono. We also offer EXTREME MAUI FISHING with the famous Capt. Fuzzy for lots of ACTION.
Our Maui Sport Fishing Boats are located in Hawaii on Maui's beautiful West Side in Lahaina and Maalaea Harbor. For your fishing in Maui charter boat party, we provide all bait, tournament quality Penn and Shimano tackle, ice and a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain with a professional deckhand.

We have Maui’s most luxurious sport fishing yacht, "Jayhawk."

Bottom fishing charters are also available.
No license or experience is required for recreational fishing in Hawaii
just bring food, drink, sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.